Today we present a line recently installed at an important manufacturer operating in the canning sector. It is a labeling line for 1/2 kg tinplate cans of 50’000 cph. Cosmapack supplied the whole line with the exception of the labeller and tray packer. The line starts from the magnetic head depalletizer that automatically picks up layers of cans from the platform, releasing them on a large motorized belt, on which the cans are aligned and arranged in single file. The cans are subsequently subjected to various dimensional and orientation tests, following which they can be ejected or overturned so as to always have the tab in the same direction. The transport system is designed to ensure maximum accumulation of cans in the event of downstream machines being stopped. The conveyor belts convey the cans from the depalletizer to the labeling machine, from the labeling machine to the packaging machine and from the packaging machine to the palletizer. The palletizer installed in this line is the fastest of the wide range of palletizers produced by Cosmapack. It is a double entry palletizer, equipped with a double row pusher and an innovative pack orientation and predisposition system that allows the rotation and positioning of the packs without subjecting them to any mechanical stress. This technology has made it possible to palletize at high speeds even packs in trays without film, in which the stability of the can inside the tray is particularly low. The palletizer is able to palletize up to 80 packs per minute. The movement of the opening roller palletizing head is entrusted to a 4-axis KUKA robot with a load capacity of 700 kg on the wrist. This solution made it possible to easily reach the speed of 6 layers per minute. At the end of palletising, the platforms are conveyed to a rotating arm wrapper, with variable pre-stretch percentage, equipped with a pallet lifter and end flap welder. The data for the labeling are supplied to a customer’s labeller who labels the platform on two sides. Finally, the platform is conveyed towards the unloading roller conveyors.

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