We produce shrink film packaging machines. Our machines are divided into two main categories: the faster film-throwing packaging machines and the sealing bar packaging machines which are slower due to the discontinuous movement of the product.


Shrinkwrappers with welding bar are equipped with double film reel. The film is placed perpendicularly to the flow of the pack. When the pack crosses the film the welding bar is activated and seals the film that goes around the package and also the film that remains in the machine for the next package. A cutting blade placed between the welding items will separate the film around the pack from the film that will be used for the next packs.

CAT 101

Shrinkwrappers CAT101

CAT101 is a low production shrinkwrapper. The product is transfered on the cartonboard sideways. It’s availible in several different versions. 15 packs per minute

CAT 151 LV

Shrinkwrappers CAT151LV

CAT151LV are cosmapack’s medium production stretchwrapping machines. They are equipped with sealing bar and can process several kind of product, with carton board. 25 packs per minute


Film launch machines use only one film reel. The film is automatically cut at the desired length and is the wrapped around the pack on the fly, during its movement. This type of machines are faster when compared to the ones with welding bar.

CLX fardellatrice

Shrinkwrappers CLX

Shrinkwrapper by film launch handling cans with only film up to 35 bundles/min. CLX is the fastest shrinkwrapping machine from Cosmapack International. Equipped with the no sealing bar technology can provide speeds up to 35 packs per minute. The machine can process only film or film+flat carboard/tray


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