The cartoning machines for american cartons require a case sealer. We build case sealers that can work with glue or with tape. Our case sealers can reach the speed of 3000 cases/minute!

Case Sealers

he case sealers with glue seal the upper and lower flaps of the case with hot melt glue. They are therefore equipped with a tank for melting the glue, heated tubes and nozzles for dosing the glue. The higher initial cost compared to a adhesive tape carton closer can be amortized during the year due to the lower cost of consumables. Furthermore, this type of machine does not need to be stopped to replace the tape, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

INC1011 new_compressa

Up to 1800 boxes/hour

Carton closer machine by hot melt glue up to 1800 boxes/hour INC1011 is a case glueing machine that closes the top flaps of a carton through hot melt application.

00-inc1211-736x512 chiudi cartoni a colla

Up to 3000 boxes/hour

Case gluing machine by Hot-Melt INC1211 is a case glueing machine, able to close bottom and top flaps of a carton by means of hot melt glue application up to 3000 boxes/hour.

Adhesive Tape Case Sealers

The carton closers with tape are simple and reliable machines that close the carton with adhesive tape. They can be equipped with taping units for both the lower and upper flaps.

NAS 1011

Adhesive Tape Case Sealers

Carton closer machine by tape; up to 1200 boxes/hour. The case taping machine closes the upper and the lower side of american cardboard boxes.


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