Intralogistics includes all the processes and movements of goods and materials within the areas of warehouse and full company, from the receipt to the delivery of raw materials to production, up to storage and delivery of finished products to customers. We successfully create fully automatic storage systems and handling vehicles that create the most of the available space. Well-organized and efficient intralogistics represents a great and strategi competitive advantage for the business.
Cosmapack with its solutions offers a considerable increase in efficiency and competitiveness.


Innovative solution to get everything in the right place, in the right moment.



Cosmapack provides all the necessary consultancy for the modernization of internal logistics. Our solutions include automatic warehouses with specific transport systems and management software. Everything is designed to maximize your productivity.


  • +39 080 4968989

Our consultants are at your disposal to support and
drive you toward the best solution. Our success is
represented by fully satisfied customer


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  •  C.da Montaltino n.c.
    70044, Polignano a Mare (BA)
  • +39 080 4968989
  • VAT: IT05375680724

Realized by: V&G Technology – Concept: Cisternino Francesco

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