From our beginning, our mission has been to build reliable and easy-to-use machines, assisting our customers throughout the product life cycle.

Our history

Cosmapack was founded in 1978 by the founder Vito Rinaldi as a small company that dealt with electrical installations in local glass factories (our first name is in fact Sud Elettrica). The founder immediately realized that in industrial environments where bottles are handled it was necessary to use automatic machines that facilitated manual operations. This is how our first palletizers were born. The entrepreneurial drive of Vito Rinaldi, combined with the technical skills of his designers, have led the company in a few years to build machines of various types, from forming and cartoning machines to magnetic head machines.
The constantly growing market asked us to move in 2000 to our current location, a 5000 square meter warehouse

Cosmapack today

Today Cosmapack has more than 61 employees. We export about 50% of our production. We are a point of reference in the world of packaging and we successfully serve the canning, wine, oil and food sectors in general. We also deal with the production of automatic packaging lines for rubber bales for the petrochemical sector and washing lines for plastic crates.

Our future

In our future we hope to consolidate our position on the market without ever giving up our values of fairness, loyalty and mutual respect

      Key data

  • Years of foundation: 1978
  • Employees: 61
  • Export rata: 50%
  • Square meters: 5000 mq
  • CEO: Gianfranco Rinaldi



  • +39 080 4968989

Our consultants are at your disposal to support and
drive you toward the best solution. Our success is
represented by fully satisfied customer


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  •  C.da Montaltino n.c.
    70044, Polignano a Mare (BA)
  • +39 080 4968989
  • info@cosmapack.it
  • VAT: IT05375680724

Realized by: V&G Technology – Concept: Cisternino Francesco

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