Have you ever wondered what path a canned drink takes before being placed on a shelf for sale? There is an absolutely automated packaging system that allows companies to optimize times, carrying out a large number of operations in a rapid but above all organized way. Cosmapack International, specialized in the sector, operating on a global scale, has in fact created for the multinational Pepsico, in its Russian headquarters, a highly sophisticated palletizing system which, thanks to the high flexibility of a robot, the ROBY4A, is able to palletize two different products simultaneously. The system is developed on two lines, lower and upper, both slow-moving, from which the robot, equipped with a long articulated arm, mounted on a rotating platform, with rapid and precise handling picks up both trays that run on the lower line, both cartons and instead they slide on the upper one. The arm tilts and flexes up to the necessary height so that it can pick up the package, then lift up and allow the rotation of the main body. The robot then arranges the packages on the pallets in the positions assigned by the programmed palletizing scheme, and then returns to the starting position, ready to start over. The innovative system allows you to palletize different packages, taken from two pickup points, with extreme precision and very quickly.

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