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Cosmapack. Solutions for depalletization boxing cardboard packaging palletization stretchwrapping

We have been building packaging machines since 1978

Our company has built automatic machines since 1978.
Join our large community of satisfied customers worldwide!

Our points of strength


Few companies can claim to be in the packaging machines market 40 years running. We were born in '78 and since then our experience has continued growing


Our customers have chosen us for our willingness to support them throughout their machine's entire life cycle

Robust machines

Our machines are known to excel in the durability of their mechanical construction.


One of Cosmapack's objectives is to simplify the user experience as much as possible through complete and intuitive machine management software.

High quality/price ratio

Our machines are designed to provide the customer with cutting-edge technology at the best possible price


Our machines can be easily connected to management servers or remote controller devices in order to manipulate the workflow.