Customer Care

When a customer chooses Cosmapack, he/she chooses to embark on a path of continuous collaboration that does not end with the sale and delivery of the product, but continues through its installation and maintenance, in order to ensure that the chosen machines remain efficient over time.

A team of highly qualified technicians provides after-sales technical assistance to provide the most appropriate solutions based on customer requests.
Our network of experts is able to provide TAILORED CONSULTATIONS and meet specific needs anywhere in the world.

The quality and efficiency of our machines are paired with the RELIABILITY and PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE of our team, which is always ready to guarantee complete and TIMELY assistance.

Sales Network

Our area manager , together with foreign correspondents, allows us to stay in touch with our customers, even those outside of Italy, analyzing their requests and providing them with appropriate solutions for their tasks as part of a global sales network .

Project Management

Planning of the project, including the selection of dedicated staff and identification of relevant skills
Organization and management of resources according to the pre-established objectives
Execution and control with delivery of the finished machine supported by appropriate technical documentation for INSTALLATION, FINE-TUNING, START UP, TRAINING, AND AFTER-SALES SERVICE

Preventive Maintenance

Our goal is to make our machines not only efficient but efficient for as long as possible .

The preventive maintenance service consists of of periodic interventions that make it possible to lengthen the life cycle of our machines with a significant reduction in down time and costs for the customer.

This service carried out by our service team allows constant monitoring of the machine status, and therefore an ability to take preventive measures.

After-sales service

In addition to wanting to guarantee a product that meets expectations in terms of effectiveness and functionality , we offer a post-sales assistance service through personnel specialized in machine maintenance able to keep tabs on the customers and listen to their needs all year long.