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250% amortization rate

The new Italian budget law of 2017 will soon introduce an important facilitation for Italian companies that invest in research and development, allowing these companies to amortize 250% of the value of their instruments controlled by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) or Programmable Logic Controller…

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Canning sector - complete line

We present to you today a can-labeling line that has been recently installed for one of the most important preserved goods producers in Italy. It handles 1/2 kg tin cans at a speed of 50'000 cph. Cosmapack provided the full line aside from the labeler and the tray packer . The line starts from the…

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2-line palletizer robot

Have you ever wondered what journey a soda can takes before it lands on a store shelf? Here we have a fully automated packaging system that allows companies to cut production times by completing a vast number of operations in speedy, but most importantly organized fashion. Cosmapack International,…