2-line palletizer robot

Have you ever wondered what journey a soda can takes before it lands on a store shelf?
Here we have a fully automated packaging system that allows companies to cut production times by completing a vast number of operations in speedy, but most importantly organized fashion. Cosmapack International, a company specialized in this sector working on an international basis, has built this system on behalf of the international corporation Pepsico in one of its russian plants. Our ROBY4A is a highly advanced technological system that, due to its added flexibility as a robot, can palletize two products simultaneously.

Video: Robot for palletizing of two lines simultaneously, with lower support gripping head for bundles and bundles and hooks for picking up the empty pallet

The system is divided into two lines, lower and upper, both slow moving, from which the robot, sitting on a rapid and precise rotating platform with its long and dexterous arm, picks up cartons. The arm tilts and flexes until it is at the necessary height to snatch the package, before lifting to allow the rotation of its body.
The robot then places the packages at assigned positions according to the programmed palletizing scheme, to then return to its starting position, ready to repeat its task.
This innovative system allows the palletization of various packages, taken from two different streams, with extreme precision and speed.

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