(youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztvOW9_OV0c width: 100% height: 500) We entered the packaging world in 1978, and since then we have distinguished ourselves in the industry with our precision, reliability, and ability to innovate. Through effective management and a sustainable growth process, we have emerged in the local and international market and become worldwide leaders in the design and production of automatic machines for both the start and end of packaging lines. We focus primarily on the beverage, food, and preserves sectors. We are a concrete and dynamic entity in perpetual technological development, with proven experience and a culture of research and innovation. We have followed a single guideline since our foundation: to combine the most modern technologies with our many years of experience to create an efficient product. The excellence achieved is the result of the best construction tradition, of refined engineering solutions developed by a cutting-edge design team. Our specialized technicians are available to the customer at all times, offering qualified technical assistance to answer any questions and solve any problem.